Camping in Botswana with Letaka Safaris

This is not camping as you know it – no setting up of your tent or taking precious time out of your day to slave over a hot fire producing something edible for the troops. Instead, you have the opportunity to experience Africa as it was meant to be experienced – sleeping in the thick of the bush, under the stars with the sounds of the surrounding wildlife your night time lullaby.

Head out on safari with some of the best and most passionate Botswana guides, thanks to the company’s affiliation with Okavango Guiding School, spending your time immersed in the areas you visit learning, not just about the wildlife, but the myriad of flora and fauna that make these areas so fascinating. Return to your camp to cool drinks freshly prepared by the always on-hand crew before enjoying a sumptuous home-made lunch. For those who, like myself, consider themselves to be a bit of a dab hand in the kitchen, prepare to be amazed at what your chef carefully prepares with a kitchen consisting of a fire in the bush.

Accommodation is surprisingly comfortable with solid based beds and, in winter, much needed and appreciated hot water bottles. The focus is on comfort and use as this camp is broken down and moved every third day so you won’t find surplus items such as Persian rugs and a fully stocked library, but you will find the necessities to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The bathroom is en-suite and the camp is run in an as environmentally friendly way as possible with solar powered kitchen fridges and your own bottle which you can refill with filtered water.

With group sizes of no more than 7 people and the option of booking private safaris, you are guaranteed exclusivity during your stay and with the crew looking after your guests, they can concentrate on what they came to Botswana for…..finding wildlife.