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Although life generally moves slowly in Africa decisions can be made and implemented before the international world has a proper grasp on the why's and wherefores.

We shall endeavour to keep you as informed as we can about happenings in our corner of the world as well as bringing you any exciting changes and information about the suppliers we work with, who are all as passionate about their chosen field as we are.


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Camping in Botswana with Letaka Safaris

This is not camping as you know it – no setting up of your tent or taking precious time out of your day to slave over a hot fire producing something edible for the troops. Instead, you have the opportunity to experience Africa as it was meant to be experienced – sleeping in the thick of the bush, under the …

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KAZA Visas

For those wanting to visit both sides of Victoria Falls, the KAZA visa has allowed this to become a reality without the financial burden of travellers having to purchase multi-visas. Although the idea is for the KAZA visa to eventually incorporate Angola, Botswana and Namibia it is currently available for Zimbabwe and Zambia only (although it does also cover those …

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