Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Consider an area devoid of human habitation the size of Wales – no light pollution, no sound other than the roar of the indomitable Kalahari lion and the dusk chatter of barking geckos and you have a small glimpse into the Central Kalahari Game Reserve.

This is Africa at its wildest and was the base for Mark and Delia Owens when they wrote their classic, Cry of the Kalahari. Famous for its impressive black-maned lions and healthy cheetah population, game-viewing is best just after the rains (around April) when the arid landscape is transformed into lush valleys peppered with herds of springbok and gemsbok.

With limited accommodation and plenty of space, you can pretty much guarantee exclusivity here despite a number of public campsites. Bordering the park to the north are a string of private concessions, home to a further choice of excellent lodge accommodation all of which offer a variety of activities such as Bushman cultural activities, quad biking and sleep-outs as well as traditional game drives.

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